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I write contemporary and sassy medical romance novels. Are you a fan of Grey's Anatomy, New Amsterdam and Chicago Med? Do you still wish that Carter and Abby would have stayed together on ER? Do you spend the summer months stalking AO3, and google searching for your McDreamy fix? Well, look no further! Amanda Faye Books has everything you're looking for and more.

About the Author

My Story

I've been a consumer of love stories since before I knew what true love was. Like most teenage girls I had an obsession with Darcy and Elizabeth and read The Notebook more times than was healthy. When my life long quest to find the perfect romance merged into my favorite tv shows, my husband suggested I take pen to paper (or my fingers to my keyboard) and bring the search to my laptop. I don't think I've written the perfect romance yet, but I don't intend to give up trying.

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Atlanta, GA

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