Beautiful Trauma

Bonded by a shared past. Forced together by circumstance. United by fate.

What begins as an ordinary day for surgeon, Dr. Noah Anderson devolves into chaos following a mass shooting at the local mall. Despite the rumors about the tiny blonde savior, he’s more surprised than anyone to learn who risked her life to save others. Covered in blood, there she is—Elizabeth, his ex-wife, mother of his child, and now, a victim of a heinous crime.

Dr. Elizabeth Stewart is a warrior, but when tragedy strikes, she’s shaken to her core.

With the shooter still firing, she thinks of nothing other than saving those around her. Now that it’s over, the warmth of Noah’s familiar arms gives her a sense of peace that is only temporary.

Will this tragic event help these lost loves smooth out their difference and find their way to a new normal or will the trauma be too much for them to bear?

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