One bad decision would change my life forever. I couldn't have anticipated when I walked home from work that night that I'd bear witness to the murder of our city's most notorious gangster. The bad guys didn't notice me at the time, but I sure have their attention now. I've sacrificed everything with one goal in my life, to be a doctor, and to save lives. Nothing, not the criminals who walk our streets or Detective Michael Hill, the mule-headed cop determined to protect me, is going to get in my way.


I took a vow to defend and serve. First, in the marines, and now, as a Detective for Lake Ansley PD. Women and romance have no place in a life like mine. But from the moment I laid on eyes on Dr. Evangeline Williams, she's sparked every protective instinct I have. Smart, stubborn, and a little bit of a badass; I can't help it if she reminds me of myself. If I keep showing up at the same places as her, it's only to keep her safe. I don't do relationships after all. However, I'm not the only one watching her now. If she's not careful, I'm going to watch her get herself killed.

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