They’re professionals. They know the boundaries. But some lines must be crossed.

A new city. A new opportunity to sow his wild oats and a guaranteed exit strategy already in place. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, if you’re Dr. Logan Taylor and you’ve run into the sexy woman you bedded on your recent trip to Mexico. What happened in Mexico, didn’t stay there, and he’s A-Okay with that. A workplace romance is a no-no, but they’ve done casual before, so why not do it again?

Dr. Emma Adams doesn’t have time for games, especially when those games are played by men who are supposed to care about her. After yet another disastrous relationship, she’s ready to write off men altogether. That’s the plan, anyway, but as soon as she lays eyes on the new plastic surgeon, she knows she’s in for a whole world of trouble. When he offers her a no muss, no fuss no holds bar sexual relationship; she tells the plastic surgeon to go to hell. But then she reconsiders. Because after all, even a doctor can use a little TLC.

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